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Datakom AVR

Datakom AVR

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AVR series voltage regulators are electronic devices which let the alternator to produce fixed output voltage.

The device has open chassis resin molded design and is intended to be mounted in the alternator terminal box.

TThe Output stage of the device is a half wave tyhristor output associated with a free wheeling diode.


The device operates on 230 volt phase to neutral voltage.the output voltage is directly picked up from the input sensing voltage.

The half wave tyhristor output voltage is 115 volts maximum.

During Operation the device continously monitors the input viltage and increses/decreases the excition volatge to a constant value.The stability poteniometer adjusts the reaction speed of the devices this helps the unit to comply with a large varity of alternators.


  • Phase-R : Alternator phase input.
  • Neutral : Alternator neutral input internally connected to the Excitation (+) terminal.
  • EXCITATION(+) : Excitation winding (+) terminal internally connected to the terminal.

Technical Specifications

  • Phase : Singal
  • Voltage Adjustment Range : 210-250 volts min.
  • Frequency : 50/60hz
  • Frequency Protection Adj. Range : 40-50 Hz
  • Output Volatge : 0-115 volts-DC @ 230 V-AC
  • Weight: AVR : 180 grams.
  • AVR-12 : 200 grams.
  • AVR-20 : 280grams..


  • half wave tyhristor output
  • 0-115 volts output voltage
  • Relav less circuit design
  • Low frequency protection
  • stability adjustment.

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