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Volts Energies is a recognized innovative company that focuses in the design and manufacture of energy efficient systems, we aim to constantly improve our products and services. The development and design of energy systems is a passion that is shared by the entire team of Volts Energies. This allows us to provide quick and effective solutions to our partners and clients. We believe that new technologies are helping greatly the productivity and the functioning of a company.

Volts Energies takes over the project from the measurements and the design phase. Subsequently we can offer you a study of energy efficiency in order to make a true picture of your needs. Even before the submission stage, recommendations are made to ensure that energy demand is at a minimum.

We combine the best products available on the market to achieve a rapid return on investment and a maximum of energy. Our engineering team can tailor your system and the assembly and make installation on site.

Knowing the needs of our customers is paramount to properly determine the system requirements. Volts Energies offers hundreds of components and quality products that are supplied by renowned manufacturers around the world. We use most of the components from North America, Japan and Europe.

We have also given the task of educating people about new technologies available, this allows us to be ahead of the competition because we know how to optimize and combine different components to achieve the desired results.

Our team at the Department of Research and Development (RnD) is working to find effective and reliable energy that allows us to obtain a reduction of greenhouse gases and thus give a better future for our future generations. We have developed a new cogeneration system that recovers waste heat from internal combustion engine generator for small and medium power. This allows us to obtain an efficiency of over 80% instead of 35% initially.

The development of new hybrid energy systems is our specialty, we combine solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, generator, biomass, micro hydro electricity and cogeneration. In most cases, these systems are installed in a container or building custom built, and are delivered turnkey. We perform remote monitoring of your system and can even diagnose an event from our offices no matter where it is located in the world.

We believe that improving our energy production and participation in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the result of our efforts. We must be proactive and innovative to succeed in improving our situation.

Volts Energies is also introducing a new program that is to plant trees to offset the production of greenhouse gas. Depending on the size of the project, when we implement a new system of energy production, more trees are planted in Haiti. Our goal: Planting 10,000 trees in the first year.

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